The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Oct 08, 2020

Most people understand the importance of regular teeth cleaning to check for cavities, scrape away tartar buildup, and get a professional polish. However, there are additional reasons to commit to this dental procedure on a biannual basis. Regular teeth cleaning offers many benefits for patients of all ages.

Fresh Start

One reason that regular teeth cleaning is important is that it gives patients a fresh start with their oral hygiene about every six months. Professional cleaning ensures that plaque and tartar buildup is removed to prevent cavities. In addition, any signs of serious tooth decay and/or gum disease can be identified, so treatment is not delayed. Once most oral health problems begin, they progress and worsen with time and inattention.

This fresh start with regular teeth cleaning is particularly advantageous for younger patients. Children often need reminders and/or further instruction when it comes to oral healthcare habits. Regular teeth cleaning can help establish a relationship between at-home and professional dental care in order to maintain the healthiest teeth possible for the long term.

Added Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Some patients believe that their at-home oral healthcare habits are excellent and that their teeth don’t need a professional cleaning every six months. Unfortunately, even the best brushing and flossing are no substitute for in-office teeth cleaning. Dentists have the professional knowledge and tools to ensure your comprehensive oral health.

Here are some added benefits of regular teeth cleaning:

  • They are usually paired with a full dental exam to check for oral health issues
  • They can be a source of information for restorative and/or cosmetic dental procedures
  • They help parents serve as role models for children by emphasizing oral health as a priority
  • They offer a professional assessment of at-home dental care habits and any necessary improvements

Of course, the greatest benefit of regular teeth cleaning is that if you commit to going twice a year, this may reduce the overall number of times you need to visit your dentist for additional procedures. Regular teeth cleaning is essential in preventing oral health issues that may result in more frequent dental visits and/or more expensive dental treatments in the future.