Periodontal Treatment in Pasadena, TX

When you visit us at Marconi Dental Aesthetics for a routine cleaning and exam, we check your teeth not just for cavities, but for other issues as well. One major issue that we always try to fight and treat is periodontal disease. Periodontal refers to the gums, and when this tissue is affected by a buildup of bacteria, the consequences could be more serious than you’d expect. Fortunately, we offer periodontal treatment in Pasadena, TX to help restore health to your gums and your oral health overall.

Periodontal Treatment in Pasadena, TX

What is Periodontal Disease?

A buildup of bacteria in the mouth can be very harmful. It can cause bad breath, cavities, and, when it occurs in the gums, it can cause periodontal disease. In its early stages, gum disease can be remedied fairly easily. Home care can even sometimes be enough to restore the gums to health. That’s why it’s important to catch the disease as early as possible. As it progresses and worsens, more damage could occur and it will be more complicated (as well as more expensive) to treat the issue.

Periodontal Treatment

There are several treatments that can be used to address periodontal disease. If it is caught early, surgery will not be needed. A procedure called a scaling and planing can be performed to remove plaque and tartar from the periodontal pockets (scaling). The tooth roots are then smoothed down (planing) to remove bacterial toxins and to discourage the collection of bacteria in that area again. Usually, this procedure will be sufficient for fighting periodontal disease and no further treatment will be needed. However, patients who have had this procedure will require more frequent check-ups and maintenance.

If the gum disease has gotten to a stage where a scaling and root planing procedure will not be enough to treat it, surgery may be recommended. There are a few options in surgical treatment, such as gum graft surgery, laser treatment, and pocket reduction procedures. After examining your gums, your dentist at Marconi Dental Aesthetics will discuss your options with you and make a recommendation on the most appropriate periodontal treatment in Pasadena, TX to restore health to your gums.