How Long PRF Does Last After Tooth Extraction Surgery?

How Long PRF Does Last After Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Apr 01, 2023

Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF) is most commonly used in numerous surgical treatments in dentistry like implants and tooth extractions. It speeds up the healing, minimizes swelling and pain, and also prevents the risk of dry sockets. When the surgeon puts the platelet-rich fibrin into the extracted area, it enriches it with proteins and stops the infection. Platelet-rich treatment is put into the bony defects of the jaw like tooth extraction sockets. Read below the essential details about this holistic dental procedure.

What is PRF?

Platelet-rich fibrin is a natural substance usually in the blood. This revolutionary process includes growth factors that promote the regeneration of bones and cells. Today, it is most commonly used for wound healing and regenerative periodontics.

Uses of PRF After Tooth Extraction Surgery

One of the great benefits of platelet-rich fibrin therapy is that it is a minimally invasive method that comes with very few risks. The treatment is fast and quickly produced in the dental clinic while the patient is getting an outpatient procedure. After tooth extraction, getting platelet-rich fibrin in Pasadena, TX offers the following benefits:

Help in the Alteration of Bone Grafts

Platelet-rich fibrin serves as a biological cement that helps hold the pieces together. It ensures the successful manipulation of bone grafts.

Ensure the Growth of New Bone Tissues Speedily

Platelet-rich fibrin is injected into the tooth extraction area directly. It enhances blood supply to the socket. Bone growth factors like bone morphogenic proteins encourage the development of high-quality newborn tissues.

Encourage Fast Wound Healing

The platelets in the PRF clot send signals to the body to move more healing factors to the extracted area. It minimizes surgical swelling and pain and helps to bounce back speedily after the tooth extraction.

Reduces the Risk of Dry Sockets

A dry socket is a painful condition. When air fills the missing socket, it results in unbearable pain. PRF therapy seals the wound and minimizes the chance of a dry socket. Wound sealing and hemostasis are the first stages of the healing process after a tooth-pulling procedure. It stops the bleeding from the surgical site to begin the healing process.

Minimizes Inflammation After Surgery

During the tooth extraction, the holes extend open deep into the jaw. The exposed area enhances the risk of infection. The surgical site also becomes tough to clean. The platelet fibrin treatment will reduce inflammation after the removal of the tooth.

How Long Does PRF Stay?

After receiving platelet-rich fibrin therapy, the results can take three to four months to show. It usually stays for six to twelve months.

What Does PRF Include?

Platelet-rich fibrin is composed of the following elements:


Our blood cells have the small component known as platelets. Their main function is to begin a cascade of blood clotting and healing. In platelet-rich fibrin, platelets are present in and surrounding the fibrin mash.


These are the white blood cells that protect our body against infection. Leukocytes offer PRF powerful antibacterial properties that help prevent infection and promote fast healing.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are the most vital PRF components that serve as the wrong materials for other blood cells. Under suitable conditions, these cells can divide and multiply speedily. It ultimately encourages the regeneration of cells.


Fibrin is an insoluble protein that creates intertwined and long fibrous chains to create a spongy mass and catch the tendrils of blood platelets. It ultimately hards into blood clots. During PRF therapy, the oral surgeon takes the fibrin directly from the patient’s body and uses it in other body parts.

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The tooth extraction area is usually left to heal and open to the oral cavity. To do this, bacteria and other harmful contaminants can move into the jawbone. Platelet-rich fibrin therapy is an essential procedure in dentistry.

Also, PRF is a 100% natural treatment. It doesn’t use preservatives or additives. Before the tooth-pulling procedure, the dentist near you will take the blood from the arm of the patient. Usually, the platelet fibrin is derived from the blood in a centrifuge at 2700 RPM for around 13 minutes. Call our clinic today to get PRF treatment.