Dental Crowns: The Best Way to Restore Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns: The Best Way to Restore Damaged Teeth

Dec 01, 2021

For a long time, dental crowns in Pasadena, TX, have been the go-to option when people need to restore their damaged teeth. They are amongst the most sought-after restorative treatments. They are versatile and can be used to solve several dental issues simultaneously.

You can bid farewell to issues such as cracks, chips, fractures, even severely discolored teeth when you go for dental crowns. This is because tooth crowns are designed to encase a damaged tooth, thus restoring its functionality and looks. So, let’s see why our cosmetic dentist in Pasadena may recommend this treatment when you desire to restore damaged teeth.

Why Use Dental Crowns?

Your teeth have several functions, including chewing, maintaining facial integrity, speech, and much more. When your teeth are out of whack, you may have to deal with other issues that can be detrimental to your oral health. Therefore, the reason for using a crown can be:

  • Alleviating Pain

If your tooth suffers trauma or dental caries, it can cause you a lot of pain. However, when a crown is placed over the tooth, it will restore your tooth’s functionality. Symptoms of tooth sensitivity, inflammation, and toothaches will be alleviated.

  • Long-Lasting Protection

If a crown is placed well and you care for it as you should, it will serve you for a long time. Your dental health will not be in jeopardy because your tooth’s functionality has been restored.

  • Perfects Dental Imperfections

Since tooth crowns correct a host of dental issues, including chipped, cracked, and even decayed teeth, you can expect to have a renewed smile. They can also improve your dental aesthetics if you use them for cosmetic purposes, like covering a tooth with severe discoloration.

  • Balances Your Bite

Whenever your tooth has an issue such as a tooth fracture, or a crack, it may affect your bite. In this case, you may experience chewing difficulties, which will affect digestion. Plus, you may have a hard time cleaning your teeth.

However, when a crown is placed over the damaged tooth, it will balance your bite.

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

Our dentist near you may recommend that you get a dental crown if you desire to:

  • Cover a tooth implant
  • Align your bite
  • Encase a tooth that is damaged because of dental caries
  • Reinforce a fractured tooth
  • Replace a chunky filling
  • Enhancing the color of severely discolored teeth

How Is a Dental Crown Placed?

The typical procedure for getting a dental crown is as follows:

  • Our dentist near you may administer local anesthesia to make sure that your procedure is painless
  • Then, the damaged tooth will be filed down to remove the damaged part and create room for the dental crown
  • Next, an impression of your filed-down tooth will be taken. This impression will ensure that you receive a customized crown that will fit in with the rest of your teeth
  • Our dentist near you will place a temporary crown while you are waiting for your permanent crown to be fabricated, which might take several days
  • On your next appointment, our dentist will remove the temporary crown and put the permanent crown. Then, final touches will be performed to check the fit, color, bite, and shape. If everything is okay then, the crown will be cemented in place.

Are There Different Types of Crowns?

Crowns come in different materials. So, whatever you choose will depend on the type of tooth being restored, your preference, and the cost of the crown. Here are they are:

  • Composite Crowns

These crowns look like your natural teeth since they are tooth-colored. However, they are not as sturdy as the other crowns. Plus, they are not stain-resistant, so you need to be careful not to overindulge in teeth-staining foods.

  • Gold-Alloy Crowns

These are the strongest crowns, and they will not break or chip. Also, they will not wear down even if you habitually grind your teeth. But most people have an issue with their color and find them aesthetically unappealing. However, they are excellent back tooth restorations.

  • Porcelain Crowns

These are the most aesthetically pleasing crowns because they are made from porcelain. Therefore, they are the best choice when you need to replace your front teeth.

  • Porcelain-Fused to Metal Crowns

These crowns blend two materials, porcelain, and metal. Therefore, they are strong and attractive. They will not chip or break easily, like porcelain or composite crowns.

Dental crowns in Pasadena, TX, are excellent tooth restorations. Contact us at Marconi Dental Aesthetics to schedule an appointment.